Web Design & Development

An effective website should go beyond simply looking good. An effective website should be able to engage visitors, excite their about your products and services whilst driving leads and sales. A fact that is often overlooked by many business, is that a website is the first touchpoint a customer has with their company, as such it is crucial to make a great first impression. This is why great web design and web development is important. This is where we come in, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we are a digital agency that specializes in web sites and web applications.

At Encyte, we always try to seek the elusive intersection where functionality and art meets. We are focused on aiding organizations achieving their core goals through an engaging digital presence. Whether it be corporate websites, ecommerce websites, small business websites or hotel & tourism websites, we will craft a solution that is tailor made for your requirements. Talk to our team of expert web developers, they will show how we can successfully boost your organization’s web presence and engagement.

E-Commerce Websites

From the outset we will seek to understand your customers and their specific needs, then formulate your digital ecommerce strategy to meet these needs successfully and profitably. Purchasing via online stores is rapidly overtaking traditional retail channels, and businesses must ensure customers undertake transactions quickly and securely to address the increasing online competition. Working with a number of E-commerce systems, including WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and Drupal Commerce, Encyte will help you create a dynamic online retail presence.

Drupal Development

Encyte is an active developer on the enterprise-ready, open source content management system, Drupal. Increasingly powering some of the world’s biggest and most popular websites, if offers a stable and highly secure platform. With optimized capabilities to handle multilingual websites, smoother and faster browsing, Drupal is often the choice of government and largescale enterprises to deliver their online presence.

WordPress Development

At Encyte, we have team of WordPress experts, specializing in custom WordPress development, WordPress theme Development and WordPress plugin development. We constantly seek to give your customers a better user experience, helping you stand out from the competition. Leave the technology part to us, whilst you focus on running the business and honing your strategies. Whether it be the hospitality, logistics, e-commerce, financial or the health industry, the WordPress platform offers a highly robust environment for deployment of cost effective web solutions.

Web Applications

Unlike normal applications, Web Apps can be accessed from anywhere at any time, giving both businesses a massive advantage in reaching a greater audience that would have traditionally been able to. They are relatively easy to scale and circulate offering serious potential for businesses seeking to revamp their digital strategy. Talk to one of our experts and find out how a web application can help you transform your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much does a typical website cost

Web development costs can greatly vary depending on the requirement. Basic sites can start from around USD 400 upwards. Think in terms of features, for instance do you need a shopping cart facility, or a content management system to update the website regularly; the more features that go into a site, the higher the costs will be. Talk to one of our consultants, who will analyse your exact need, and then advise you on the various development options that would suit your business.

This really depends on the goals that you are trying to achieve and demographics you are trying to reach. Mobile apps are way more interactive than mobile websites, they also enable you to directly communicate with your users via push notifications. However if you are trying to reach a wider audience, a mobile website offers an advantage as it does not have to be installed in a user’s phone. In certain cases you might need to have both a website and an mobile app, a strategy that is increasingly adopted by businesses.

Similar to development costs, this too largely depends on the features/design elements involved. A basic site can be up and running within two weeks, but a more complex site, such as an ecommerce store, can take up to twice that time.

If your website needs to be regularly updated, which is the case in ecommerce sites, news websites, hotel websites etc., we will provide a web based content management system (CMS). Typically based on either the WordPress or Drupal platforms, the CMS will have very intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, enabling easy content management.

Web development costs can greatly vary depending on the requirement. Talk to one of our consultants, who will analyze your exact need, and then advise you on the various development options that would suit your business.

Got a great idea?
If you think you have that next great idea for the mobile app or web service, then we will be the ideal technology partner as you embark on this new endeavour. Our team will work closely together with you to understand your vision, and then provide our feedback on how this vision could be best achieved. Simply request an obligation free quote by giving us some details of your idea, or let’s arrange a meeting, if you want to discuss it personally!
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