Trade show Marketing - Partner Spotlight - Tallees Advertising

Specializing in creative solutions for exhibition stall construction, events and brand activation, Tallees is an advertising agency operating in the Sri Lankan and Maldivian markets for over a decade. Being a constant innovator in the field, the company wanted to bring further value into the clients’ marketing spaces. Partnering with Encyte, the company has deployed a variety of exhibit-marketing apps, that helped their clients increase consumer awareness, capture leads and drives sales. Deployed across various devices including large kiosks, tablets and smartphones, the apps have included interactive games, quiz applications, product catalogues, event guides etc.

These customized applications have enabled the company’s clients to increase foot traffic into stalls, and increase engagement with their brands. Since apps offer a greater level of engagement, the exhibitors can disseminate more product information to the potential customers. These clients have also been able to forgo the more traditional methods of procuring contact information, such as sign in sheets and visiting card collection, and more effectively gather customer information via the applications. The rapid collection and centralization of this information has meant that leads could be followed up far quicker than they were previously. They also help exhibitors differentiate themselves from their competitors and enhance consumer mindshare.

One simple, yet highly effective example of such an application, is an interactive game designed for a client in the pharmaceutical industry, for a medical practitioner’s conference. The game, which ran on kiosks at the client’s stall, consisted of a series of simple memory tests, where players had to recall a sequence of images and shapes successfully. Players had to provide their information prior to playing, and a leader board was maintained of the high scorers. At the end of the conference, the top three contestants were awarded prizes. Whilst the app was not directly linked to a product, it reinforced a positive image of the brands amongst their customer base and enabled them to gather valuable customer details.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.