Tourism Website - Lumbini Lagoon

Located in the sleepy little hamlet of Kathaluwa, in south of the Sri Lanka, the Lumbini Lagoon villa is located amidst a one acre lush tropical garden. The name Lumbini, which refers to the mythical grove Lord Buddha was born in, was the inspiration behind this. When Encyte was tasked with developing the brand identity and web presence for the villa, we ensured to integrate these aspects into our work. For instance, the Lumbini lagoon logo utilizes the shape of the heart, which symbolizes peace and compassion, which are fundamental components of Buddhist ideology.  The logo also incorporates a very simple sans serif font, which further communicates ideas of minimalism and uncomplicatedness.

The website further extends these concepts by maintaining a very minimalist design direction. The main characteristic we wanted highlight through the site however was the extent of the garden and the lush surrounds it was located in. From the initial landing page, the website doesn’t incorporate any standard menus, and visitors are shown an unencumbered visual. This extensive use of photography is evident throughout the website, and visitors will quickly get a feel for the villa and its environment by browsing through. For Lumbini Lagoon, Encyte offered a complete solution from the brand creation, to web development and photography services.

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