Road To Adulthood - United Nations Population Fund Sri Lanka

UNFPA Sri Lanka together with the University grants commission sought to create a platform for a broader discussion on a matter labelled ‘taboo’ across generations, in Sri Lanka. Over 50% of Sri Lanka’s youth are unaware of sexual and reproductive health issues and curious minds are restrained due to cultural and religious norms, which has resulted in some alarming consequences.  This could vary from a myriad of crimes revolving around sexual frustration to burdening the country’s already unstable economy to tackle a range of related healthcare problems. As a progressive first step in managing this situation the University Grants Commission along with the UNFPA and Y-Peer introduces an online platform for the youth of Sri Lanka, “Road to adulthood” an efficient and accessible online tool to deliver information and perspective on matters concerning one’s transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Encyte was tasked with developing this tool adhering to the guidelines laid down by the responsible parties to create the first trilingual online programme for all university students on Sex education. The online application is made accessible to all corners of the country with the ability to be run on any web browser and device adopting a very user centric approach making sure that it reaches the marginalized youth living in rural areas. The primary goal of modernizing sex education and broadening its reach was effectively achieved by the website’s responsiveness. Subject matter is divided into six vital sub categories varying from Sexuality and gender, Reproductive systems, Contraception, Sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse with quizzes, Q and As, videos and interviews, all incorporated into one frame making sure the user is kept engaged at all times. Various stipulated situations that are very much a part of day to day life are depicted with the use of role play that is age and culturally appropriate which greatly increases the efficiency of the delivery.

The online tool is primarily targeted at students joining the first year of their chosen undergraduate programmes at Sri Lankan universities and is incorporated into the orientation programme as advised by the University Grants commission. Following the completion of this online exercise each of them will be awarded an e-certificate that will certainly have a positive effect on participation, further emphasizing on its importance to the curriculum.

‘Road to Adulthood’ a timely initiative, is sure to pave way for a better-informed tomorrow as it helps Sri Lanka’s youth discover the transition of beliefs and ideologies from a predictable conservative culture to one that drives them to break stereotypes, norms and myths to a future well on par with the rest of the world.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.