Recruitment Lead Capturing Application - Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc

Diesel & Motor Engineering (DIMO) PLC is an engineering conglomerate, spanning a myriad of industries including automotive, marine solutions, railway solutions and medical engineering amongst many others. In the recent past DIMO had been making a concerted effort to make the organization a more appealing prospect for job seekers, and has undertaken a number of initiatives under this. One particular aspect they wanted to pay greater attention to, was their recruitment processes, specifically generating leads at recruitment fairs and tradeshows. Being a business of this magnitude, effective recruitment is a crucial element that drives the success of the company.

Closely working together with the company’s HR division, Encyte designed a customized recruitment lead capturing app for use on Android tablets. This app enabled the company to capture leads at recruitment events by enabling attendees to feed information directly; removing the need for sign-in sheets, and collection of paper resumes. Prospective employees would simply be handed a tablet with the app loaded, and they would provide their details within a matter of minutes, using a series of intuitive interfaces. The application was beneficial to the company in a number of different ways. Collection of leads was greatly streamlined and expedited, saving significant effort. Employees didn’t need to manually collect, and organize resumes and they didn’t have to extract information from the resumes, as the information was now readily available. Most crucially the company could revert to prospects within a very short period, helping them tap into the best recruits before their competitors could approach.  The streaming of lead capturing also meant that the company was able to capture far more than would normally during the course of particular event. A previously common occurrence during buys events was the misplacement of paper resumes and visiting cards resulting in a loss of information and waste of effort. The lead capturing app completely eliminated such occurrences. Moreover, it also helped DIMO boost company awareness, and further augmented their PR, which are critical factors for continually attracting the highest calibre of recruits.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.