Food Ordering Mobile Application - Small Business Spotlight - Treats N Stuff


Treats N Stuff is a Colombo based small business that began life as a simple home baking operation. Founded by Farida Anfaz, Treats N Stuff (TNS) introduced a delectable range of old fashioned brownies, made with natural, locally sourced ingredients. The company’s products were immediately successful on market launch, quickly becoming a household name. The success of Treats N Stuff, and a few other similar home bakers, led to other companies attempting to follow suit. This sudden influx of competitors, resulted in a significant level of market fragmentation and increased competition. This level of competition would mean that most of these businesses would not be sustainable in the long term.  Whilst many decided to compete on the price front, or by product differentiation, TNS opted for a different approach and decided to augment and strengthen their sales and marketing channels.

Working together with Encyte, TNS implemented a customized mobile ordering application, based on Encyte’s Menu-To-Go platform. Developed for both the Android and iOS platform, the mobile app enabled customers to easily browse the menu and placed orders directly. This benefited the company in several ways. First, it made the ordering process far more convenient for customers, they no longer had to make hotline inquires, as the entire, up-to-date, menu was available through the app. They were even afforded the flexibility of further customizing their purchase, by adding different types of toppings, and selecting from a range of different packaging options. TNS were also able to alter and augment their menu at any given time, and thereby keep their menu fresh and exciting, further driving repeat customers and building customer retention. Another key advantage, was that the company opened an entirely new market segment in the form of expatriates residing overseas. Many of these customers utilize third party services to deliver gifts and other items to their families and loved ones back home. Through the TNS app, overseas customers could order and make payments directly via the app, cutting out third parties and resulting in a new customer base coming into the company fold. These factors enabled the TNS to weather a tough period of intense competition and emerge as a successful small business that is continually expanding their product and service range.  In the second phase of the project TNS will also seek to tap into the mobile app as a marketing channel. With an established user base the company will be able to send out notifications for promotions, special offers etc. further driving sales.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.