Floorplan & Exhibitor Management Portal - Sri Lanka Institute of Architects


The "Architect", is the Sri Lanka's longest running and leading construction exhibition and tradeshow. Organized annually by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA), it is a marque events in the Colombo event calendar, with tens of thousands of attendees flocking over the course of the three days. Over the past five years, due to a rapidly increasing number of exhibitors seeking a presence at the exhibition, the SLIA has been met with the number of difficulties in managing exhibitors and floor space. Since the spaces are booked manually, the company had to take on a number of new staff, which has driven up costs. Incidents of double bookings, incorrect bookings were also increasing as a result of the manual reservation processes. In addition to this revenue collection was also an area of concern, with employees having to constantly follow up with exhibitors to complete payments and confirm bookings. In certain cases, potential customers were turned away from booking spaces that were reserved but not paid for; and these spaces become available at the last minute when they are released, leading to revenue loss for the company.

In order to overcome these issues, Encyte deployed, “Exhibit Dynamics”, an end-to-end, web based, floor plan and exhibitor management solution designed for exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences. It allowed the SLIA to launch a dedicated web portal for the event, and though this enabled the reservation of booths. Exhibitors who came on to the portal were shown an interactive floor plan, with key information such as booth type, pricing, dimensions etc. They could browse through the various areas and then simply select and purchase the booths they require, all from the portal itself. Invoicing customers, and keeping track of payments and sending payment reminders were all fully automated though Exhibit Dynamics. It enabled the SLIA to effectively manage client and event information, saved employee time and effort, reduced duplicated work and streamlined the floor space selling process. The system also created an intense competition for floor space between exhibitors, and the majority of the tradeshow was sold off within a few hours of the web portal going live.  Most importantly it led to reduced operating expenditure and greater levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.