Emergency Response Planning Mobile App - Sri Lankan Airlines


Sri Lankan airlines is the flag carrier of Sri Lanka, operating to over 90 destinations from its hub of Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. The company was in the process of undertaking a series of process automations. This was done with a view of modernizing the airlines day to day operations, and to increase productivity. Making the emergency response procedures available through a mobile application, was one of these initiatives.  Previously the emergency response procedures including, guides and check lists were maintained across a set of separate of documents that were provided to the relevant personnel. Accessing these documents during the case of an emergency was difficult, especially due to personnel being constantly on the move. Keeping the documentation up to date was also an arduous and expensive task that the company had to undertake from time to time.  In order to mitigate these issues, Sri Lankan airlines awarded the contract to Encyte to enable the accessing of these procedures using a mobile application.

Working closely together with Sri Lankan airlines Emergency response, IT and flight operations teams Encyte developed a ERP mobile application for the Android and iOS platforms.  The app outlined the tasks and responsibilities of the relevant personnel and also outlined the checklists they were to abide by. In an emergency situation, users could go through these lists and mark off the actions that they have undertaken thus far. The record of their actions is stored locally on their mobile devices and this information could be used at a later occasion to determine the effectiveness of a certain individual’s response and how it could be improved in the future. 

In addition to these features, the app also contained an emergency response contacts directory, which contained the contact details of all the applicable personnel. This ensures that all personnel have access to these contact details immediately in the case the need arises.  Users can either search contact using the search function or browse contacts by department in order to locate the contact they need. Once the contact is found, they can click on the various calling options to get in touch with that individual, without having to manually key in the number. This adds an extra level of convenience and speed which will be vital in an emergency scenario.

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