Corporate Website - Thunder & Neon Group

Thunder and Neon are Sri Lanka’s leading signage manufacturer. Through and extended period of growth the company had gradually diversified into a multitude of different operations including gate systems, home-office automation, advertising raw materials, agriculture and media production.  The company’s existing website was highly outdated and did not accurately portray the company’s operations. Whilst the company had diversified into a number of different sectors, the management was also keen on retaining the emphasis on their core sectors of signage and gate systems and providing potential clients a greater understanding of these products, by showcasing previous work.

This was the primary challenge of the project. In signage for instance the company offered a very large range of products, which in turn had their own sub products.  Encyte managed to structure the website in a way, that made browsing these product ranges much easier for the users, whilst at the same time offering them much more information than they had previously. This was done with the aim of improving the buyer decision making process, thereby further driving customer conversions. The site was also connected to a comprehensive content management system, based on WordPress.

This enabled the company to keep the site up to date and relevant, with their latest product offering and completed projects. Being able to bring a diverse set of industry sectors under one site, covering a large array of corporate information on the organization, and still being able to maintain a cohesive brand image throughout the website, was the biggest achievement by Encyte on this web development project.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.