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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have unlocked a new world of possibilities for both businesses and individuals alike. Over the last decade, the ways in which we consume content, communicate and collaborate have witnessed massive change spearheaded by the ubiquity of smartphones. At Encyte, we believe that mobile apps are one of the most personalised methods to interact with customers and employees, and that it represents unique opportunities for businesses.

We work closely with our clients, identifying your requirements, and conceptualizing custom mobile app solutions that will not just meet but exceed your expectations. Whether it be Android or iOS mobile apps, we are the experts. If you have a great idea for a mobile app, talk to our team, we will help you bring your app idea to life.

Android Development

Google’s Android operating system is used on more mobile devices than any other OS (over 80% of mobile devices). The massive user base offers immense potential for any business seeking to capitalize on it. Encyte is one of the leading Android developers, having being involved in a myriad of projects, ranging from governmental organizations, large scale enterprises and even start up enterprises. If you are seeking to develop a mobile app, it is vital to select a developer with an excellent track record; Encyte will be your ideal partner.

iOS Development

Apple with it’s revolutionary iPhone, was the company that led the charge into the smartphone industry. With hundreds of millions of users globally, this shows no signs of slowing down, and no mobile strategy will be complete without the development of an iOS mobile app. Developing for iPhones presents a very unique opportunity for brands to offer rich user experiences to their customers. It also allows businesses to reach younger and more relatively affluent demographics that can be considered high value customers. Drop us a message, and we can come up with a mobile strategy that is tailored to your brand.

Hybrid App Development

This is a methodology of developing apps using a web language which can be ported to any mobile platform. Essentially this will be the simultaneous development for multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android. Whilst there are some limitations, if the app is relatively basic, this would be an ideal development methodology. Hybrid apps are much faster to develop and also much cheaper than Native apps. Updates for the apps will also come out faster as we will be maintaining a single code base.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much does a typical mobile app cost

App development costs can greatly vary depending on the requirement, more so than even websites. There are lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as which operating systems you want to support, will the app make use of device hardware, will the app will have in-app transactions etc. Simply request an obligation free quote by providing some basic details of your app and one of our consultants will be in touch with you. They will analyse your exact need, and then advise you on the various development options that would suit you.

This really depends on the goals that you are trying to achieve and demographics you are trying to reach. Mobile apps are way more interactive than mobile websites, they also enable you to directly communicate with your users via pus notifications. However if you are trying to reach a wider audience, a mobile website offers an advantage as it does not have to be installed in a user’s phone. In certain cases you might need to have both a website and an mobile app, a strategy that is increasingly adopted by businesses.

At a minimum, a typical mobile app, developed for both iOS and Android, will take 3-4 weeks to develop, however on average you are looking at around 8 weeks and in case of highly complex applications around 3-4 months. This includes a period of testing, where we ensure that the mobile app achieves optimal performance.

A native app is a mobile app that is specifically developed for a particular mobile OS, such as iOS. Native apps, tend to have better user interfaces, run smoother and have less technical issues compared to Hybrid apps. However, they are more expensive to develop and maintain, as different apps need to be developed separately for iOS and Android. Hybrid apps conversely are developed using a web language which can be ported to any platform under a native container. These apps are cheaper and faster to develop; however they don’t offer the same level for performance as native and cannot integrate some device features. Hybrid development is recommended for simpler apps.

Like with a website, most mobile apps will incur an annual hosting host as well as an annual technical support payment, usually after the first year of deployment. However, in addition to this, there may also be charges for maintaining developer accounts, if you wish to publish the mobile app, under a specific organizational identity. These charges will not be applicable if the app is being published via Encyte. Read our blogs on app development (link to blogs) for a better idea of what it entails to launch an app.

Got a great App idea?
If you think you have that next great idea for the mobile app or web service, then we will be the ideal technology partner as you embark on this new endeavour. Our team will work closely together with you to understand your vision, and then provide our feedback on how this vision could be best achieved. Simply request an obligation free quote by giving us some details of your idea, or let’s arrange a meeting, if you want to discuss it personally!
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